PHOTO COURTESY MCT CAMPUS/President Bob Kustra, left, and Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier share a laugh before announcing that the school will join the Mountain West Conference for the 2011 season June 2010.

The new school year is already on the horizon and with it comes a chance for the Broncos to tell all who haven’t heard that their beloved school is now part of the Mountain West Conference. This means Texas Christian University will most likely replace the University of Idaho as our main football rival. But do we really want to let go of the in-state rivalry we have had for years with the Vandals?

Lately, the rivalry between the Broncos and the Vandals has been pretty exciting as Coach Chris Petersen and President Bob Kustra unitedly declared to the nation that Boise State doesn’t have time to play the University of Idaho anymore — we’re on to bigger, better things now.

True, our football team makes theirs look like a wimpy kiddie league of sissy men. And they haven’t really even put up a good fight since 2000 when then-Gov. Dirk Kempthorne created the Governor’s Trophy to keep the rivalry going (the Governor’s Trophy has never been in the Vandal’s possession). So it’s natural for the University of Idaho to hate Boise State — and we have a pretty good reason to be arrogant.

“When you bring all that emotion, it does change the game,” Petersen told the Idaho Statesman about the rivalry in November 2010.

Things heated up last year when Boise State’s president told the Idaho Statesman’s editorial board that he didn’t mind the end of the rivalry because quite frankly, Vandals are an unpleasant bunch. It was then that the press coined the infamous “nasty, inebriated” comment Kustra made about the Vandals, which fueled the already intense rivalry.

In the same interview, Kustra also stated, “I’ve seen rivalries all over America, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, Texas-Texas A&M, Kansas-Kansas State […] why would I want to encourage a game where people don’t know how to act like grownups?”

When word got out to the nation, which viewed Boise State as the Cinderella story of the century, one of two things happened: it either made people think the Vandals were a bunch of inebriated jerkwads, or that Boise State’s fame may have gone to Broncos’ heads and made them petty tea-drinking prudes.

However, the Bronco nation seemed wholly unapologetic about the seemingly degrading remarks from their president.

Kevan Lee, co-founder of the website One Bronco Nation Under God, blogged, “Will the Boise State – Idaho rivalry game continue? Not if Boise State’s president gets a vote. His words to the Statesman editorial board were – how do I put this – awesome.”

This attitude may stem from the fact that throughout Boise State’s football-related dominance of the frustrated Vandals, the rival university has only been able to come back with one retort: “Oh, yeah? Well, Boise State’s academics suck.”

So, we think they’re bums and they called us stupid. Are we really going to miss the rivalry that much? With embarrassing football games where the Vandals lose by roughly 40 points– even when we play on their turf– I’d like to think that we will not. We are looking to bigger, better things.

And we’re smart enough to leave the Vandals behind.