Saturday afternoon in Boise was amazing. The sun was shining, a cool breeze through the air and spotty clouds floating above made for the best day of spring thus far.

I was walking through campus when I heard the sound of the Boise State fight song reverberating through the quad. I investigated the meaning of this oddity to find myself looking at a large crowd of people lining the shaded side of the Intramural Field. This crowd, easily topping 300 people, was glued to the field. They were watching Boise State Club Lacrosse host the club lacrosse team from the University of Idaho.

The view was quite magnificent in reality. The two teams stood on the side of the field parallel to Appleton Tennis Complex while the spectators sat on the opposite side enjoying the comfortable shade.

The crowd was a mixture of Vandal fans, Bronco fans, and general lacrosse fans ranging in all ages. Adding to the fanfare were young kids running around with their lacrosse sticks tossing the ball back forth and playing keep away.

Sitting on one of the field were a large number of students from Boise State. They made their unique presence by sitting in couches, yelling at the referees and heckling members of the Idaho squad. On the other side, 10+ Idaho students stood, sporting the black and gold Vandal colors, chanting the expected, “Who do we hate? Boise State!” and “ F-U-B-S-U!”

These are things you expect to hear when at a football or basketball game between these two teams. Apparently, it does not matter and nor should it. The rivalry between these two institutions is becoming watered down. The beauty of club sports is through them the rivalry can stay alive. It will look different but at least it can stills exists.

Club Lacrosse is just one of many club teams at Boise State. The often-missed realization of club teams is that they put in a lot of time practicing, traveling and competing around the northwest. Seeing the response on Saturday to a club sport is an awesome sight. That usually doesn’t happen in club sports. A lot of these club sports strive to one day be a varsity sport. BSU lacrosse is no exception. They’ve put in a lot of work and dedicated themselves to becoming a well-rounded club.

Seeing the huge crowd on campus was a pleasant surprise but knowing it was for club sports was even better.