ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER - Boise State faces an uphill battle to play for the BCS National Championship
ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER - Boise State faces an uphill battle to play for the BCS National Championship

To whom it may concern,

My name is Trent Lootens and I’m the sports editor at The Arbiter, Boise State’s student newspaper. I have been covering the Broncos for three years and I am a student at BSU. As you know, the BSU football team and its quest to play for the BCS National Championship is the hottest topic in college football. When the first BCS standings were released on Sunday the Broncos came in solidly at No. 3. While BSU might be No. 3, I and the rest of Bronco Nation believe this is unfair treatment and that Boise State has been wronged by the BCS system, again.

ESPN’s first weekly BCS Countdown show put a very sour taste in my mouth because of the noticeable bias against the Broncos. Show guests Craig James and Robert Smith said they respect the Broncos, but put them at No. 4 in their top 5 lists. Also, when they tried to explain their respect for BSU they said BSU has proved they can beat big time programs on the road such as Virginia Tech and TCU, but failed to mention Oregon — the team they both had as No. 1 in their BCS rankings. How do you forget Oregon, other than the fact they don’t want to mention the Ducks because it proves their own ranking wrong? I heard them use the term “body of work” countless times when referring to the reason why Oregon and Oklahoma should rightfully be ahead of BSU. Have they even looked at either of those teams’ schedules.

OU has victories against Utah State by 7 in Norman, Okla. (BSU should beat USU Dec. 4 by much more than 7), Florida State by 30 (quality win), Air Force by 3 (AF just lost to San Diego State 27-25), Cincinnati by 2 (Fresno State beat Cincy by 14), Texas by 8 (Good win, but how good is Texas?) and Iowa State by 52 (Not impressive considering how bad the Cyclones are, Utah scored 68 on ISU). Is this really the “body of work” of the BCS’s No. 1 team?

Oregon has victories against New Mexico by 72 (UNM lost to New Mexico State, a team BSU beat 59-0, but could’ve beat 100-0 if the first team played out), Tennessee by 35 (Vols have a horrible defense and are a SEC bottom-feeder), Portland State by 69 (BSU doesn’t play a FCS team this season), Arizona State by 11 (Ducks gave up 597 yards to the Sun Devils), Stanford by 21 (Good win, but had to come back in the second half) and Washington State by 20 (WSU’s only win this season is against Montana State by 2). Is this resume worthy of a a No. 1 ranking in the AP and USA Today Coaches’ Poll?

Boise State has victories against Virginia Tech by 3 (Sure, VT chocked versus James Madison, but the Hokies likely will win the ACC), Wyoming by 45 (The Cowboys never get beat that badly at home), Oregon State by 13 (Played a vicious schedule and lost James Rodgers, the best player on offense), New Mexico State by 59 (NMSU beat UNM and BSU could’ve beaten the Aggies 100-0), Toledo by 43 (Toledo isn’t a bad team as it proved by beating Purdue on the road) and San Jose State by 48 (Alabama beat SJSU by 45 in Tuscaloosa and Wisconsin only beat SJSU by 13 in Madison).

The “body of work” argument the “experts” are using makes no sense. BSU is being punished because of its name, and it’s very clear to see if you actually look at the scores of these games. Plus, BSU junior quarterback and Heisman Trophy hopeful Kellen Moore has only played two entire games this season versus VT and OSU. He didn’t take a snap in the second half vs. SJSU and BSU still beat the Spartans by more than Alabama and Wisconsin did. ON THE ROAD!

Are the “experts” actually watching the games, or are they only looking at ESPN’s highlight clip and the box score? Because if they did watch the game they would notice how easily BSU is rolling these inferior teams. BSU isn’t taking its foot of the gas during these games, it’s pulling the emergency brake.

Not to mention, BSU has the nation’s longest winning streak at 20 games and the longest road winning streak at 16 games! No team is close to either of those streaks, and it doesn’t matter that BSU plays in the WAC because a lot of other teams play easy conference schedules too.

The “experts” say Oregon’s offense can’t be stopped. BSU held the Ducks without a first down last season in Boise for two and a half quarters. It doesn’t matter if it was last season. That is a huge stat that no team can claim it has done to Oregon in the Chip Kelly or Mike Bellotti era! What’s scary is the fact that BSU’s defense this season is better than last year’s. BSU’s defense ranks No. 1 against the rush by an overwhelming margin, giving up a measly 59.33 yards per game. Impressive, considering it has shut down VT and OSU — teams with great running backs. BSU ranks No. 1 in total defense, allowing a nation’s best 210.17 ypg. Everyone, including the “experts,” say defense wins ballgames, right?

Finally, the offensive statistics. The Broncos have outscored its last three road opponents 158-6 and its last two 107-0. That number could be way higher if Moore and the rest of the starters played in the second half! It doesn’t matter if its against Wyoming, NMSU and SJSU. They’re FBS football teams and BSU is on the road. Don’t forget Moore either. His 16-to-1 touchdown/interception ration is the best in the country and he is No. 1 in passing efficiency. He has put up numbers like this for three years and is a Heisman Trophy front-runner without question. As a freshman in his first ever road game, Moore torched Oregon in Autzen Stadium for 386 yards and three touchdowns. By the way, BSU won 37-32, but nobody wins at Autzen. Except Moore and BSU!

I feel like these are huge arguments that nobody wants to bring up because BSU isn’t Oklahoma or Oregon. Having me as a guest on your show would give your listeners/viewers a new perspective that they might have not seen or heard before. It would be different than the regular “experts” who regurgitate the same information over and over and blab about strength of schedule and “body of work.” The people judging and hurting the Broncos in the polls, on television and on the radio don’t understand what they’re saying and they’re not giving BSU the chance that it rightfully deserves. If you put BSU’s “body of work” and its statistics in the place of teams such as Oklahoma and Oregon they would be No. 1 in all polls and in the BCS without question. The hate for BSU needs to end, and I want to do something about it. I want to defend my school and I believe I could do it on the national scale. People need to hear these arguments.