MITCH ESPLIN/THE ARBITER. Boise State seniors Kyle Wilson (1) and Garcia Day (14) celebrate with their families during senior day.
MITCH ESPLIN/THE ARBITER. Boise State seniors Kyle Wilson (1) and Garcia Day (14) celebrate with their families during senior day.

For many the holidays bring family, fun and festivities to the forefront. For the average college football nut, it brings 34 more football games to look forward to over the span of a month.

The Boise State Broncos have the benefit of enjoying this season’s success and bringing that feeling home for the holidays.

Last season BSU lost to TCU 16-17 just days before heading home for Christmas. Not lamenting a big loss is a nice change for many of the Broncos this time around.

Some of the key components to the Broncos’ 2009 undefeated season will enjoy some much needed rest before heading to Arizona.


Moore has plenty to be happy about for the holidays when he returns to Prosser, Wash. He finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy race and led t he country in passing efficiency with a 167.3 passer rating. He broke the school record for most passing touchdowns in a season with 39 strikes to the end zone.

Moore’s overall performance proved that he has solidified a spot in Broncos’ history over the course of two seasons. He has two more to go — in theory.

As for the break, “it will be good to get a couple days, you know, get a little bit away from football,” Moore said. “You don’t want to get completely away from it, but , spend some time with family, be able to enjoy Christmas and get back to work.”


Martin proved to his coaches why he is such an asset to the team. He has a nose for the end zone. Martin had two games where he scored four touchdowns this season. He had 14 total touchdowns over the course of 13 games; only 10 games in which he was a featured back following an ACL injury by fellow running back D.J. Harper.

Martin also put up 6.4 yards per carry on 723 total rushing yards. What does he look forward to for the holidays?

“Going home and just eating my mom’s food and everything,” Martin said. “Just seeing my old friends. I haven’t been home for a while. Can’t wait to go back.”


What more of a present can BSU give Kirby Moore than production as a freshman, a BCS birth during the first year of play and participating on a football program with his brother who is one of the best quarterbacks in college football?

“I’ll probably go lay on my bed,” Kirby said. “It’s a little more comfortable than the one I have right now. Really, besides that, just go see some friends from high school and try to keep up relationships with everyone.”

Kirby Moore was one of 17 Broncos to get a reception this season. He was also one of 10 to find the end zone for a touchdown through 2009. Despite suffering from a broken foot during fall camp, he has worked his way into the depth chart as a back up for injured receiver Tyler Shoemaker. Moore has reigned in 17 total receptions thus far.


Gallarda is a big target for Kellen Moore while in the red-zone. He as pulled in four passes for touchdowns this season on just eight receptions. Furthermore, he is part of an offensive front that has allowed defenses to sack Kellen just five times through the entire season — the least amount sacks on quarterback in the FBS.

As for his Christmas wish, he has been living it since being recruited to BSU and redshirting his first season as a freshman during the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. This year he will be a starter when the Broncos take the field at University of Phoenix Stadium at Glendale, Ariz.

“We went into the stadium the day before the game and it was empty,” Gallarda said of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. “It just gave a sort of cold feeling in there. It was quiet. That’s something you always imagine growing up as something you want to play for. It was an awesome experience with everybody yelling (the next day). Seeing the stadium split with Boise State and Oklahoma. It was a good rush.”

The Broncos face off in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl against TCU Jan. 4, at Glendale, Ariz. Kickoff is at 6 p.m. MT.